Why Eat Local?

How we eat has an huge impact on our planet. By choosing to eat local foods, we can cut down on global warming and air pollution, support local farmers and enjoy fresh great tasting food.

Curb Global Warming and Air Pollution

The average food item at your local grocery has traveled farther than most families travel on their annual vacations.1

Food items in a typical U.S. meal travel on average 1500 miles to reach the dinner table.1

If every U.S. citizen ate one meal per week made with local and organic meats and vegetables, we would reduce the nation's oil consumption by at least 1.1 million barrels per week.1

Support Local Farms

Meet the farmer and know how your food was raised.

Local farms offer more varieties than mass producing farms.

Support our community and local agribusiness.

Great Taste

Since local foods do not travel far, they can be picked when ripe and most flavorful.

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