Meet Our Farmers & Artisans

Sunburst Trout Farms 
Canton, NC

Three generations of the same family strive to maintain an innovative, modern trout production while keeping that personal touch only a family can provide. 
In the shadow of Cold Mountain deep in the heart of Pisgah National Forest of Western North Carolina lies Sunburst Trout Farm. Conceived in 1948, three generations have evolved Sunburst to what is today; one of the most unique trout production sites in the country.

Giacomo's Italian Market
Greensboro, NC
Locally acclaimed, Giacomo’s Italian Market has been pleasing our neighbors with great homemade, authentic Italian products for over nine years. Our commitment has always been quality fresh ingredients and superior service to our customers. In addition, we are a member of the North Carolina’s Department of Agriculture’s Goodness Grows in NC™ program, using only NC based products and locally raised pork, beef, and chicken. Order today or come visit our store. We know you will not be disappointed!

Goat Lady Dairy
Climax, NC
For more than 15 years, Goat Lady Dairy has changed our customers relationship to local food and farming through fine hand crafted cheeses, on-farm dining, Open Farm Days and Community Supported Agriculture...
In 1995, Ginnie Tate, aka 'the Goat Lady', her brother Steve and his wife Lee opened Goat Lady Dairy in the lovely rolling hills of northeast Randolph County in the North Carolina Piedmont. We started with an abandoned worn-out tobacco farm and a 200 year old log house and outbuildings, restored them carefully and then added a new dairy barn complete with milking parlor, goat loafing barn, dining room and a licensed cheese making room. From the beginning, our dream was to connect our urban neighbors with the land and goats through hand crafted cheese and farm events. 

Ashe County Cheese
West Jefferson, NC
Ashe County Cheese is Carolina's oldest cheese plant, producing quality cheese since 1930. We are located in the picturesque Blue Ridge Mountains. The plant has also undergone several upgrades since 1994, and though it still makes old style cheddar daisy wheels, it now produces a wide variety of cheeses and butter. It has developed a strong following for its original Sienna cheese, its many flavored cheeses, and its newest variety Juusto cheese (a mild Scandinavian cheese). 
With a rich history covering more than 75 years, Ashe County Cheese is well positioned to face the many challenges of the future, and we look forward to serving your needs for many years to come.

Durham, NC

Local, all natural spices hand prepared and mixed.

Lusty Monk Mustard
Asheville, NC

Lusty Monk Mustards are fresh-ground, hand-crafted, and full of flavor and fire. Once you meet the Monk, you can kiss mediocre mustards goodbye, and say hello to a new world of hearty food. No more boring sandwiches. Bratwurst has never been so heavenly. It’s the pretzel’s best friend, the cook’s secret weapon, the perfect companion for lovers of spice and heat. Lusty Monk is a family-owned, quality-conscious company, devoted to the idea that condiments should never be boring. We lovingly craft the mustard in small batches, and we encourage our brethren to slow down and savor each bite.

Butterfields Candy
Nashville, NC

Butterfields Candy is located in Nashville, NC, in the heart of Nash County. The company almost became extinct in 2009 when it went out of business. A lifelong dream of owning a business finally became a reality when the opportunity arose to purchase the business out of foreclosure in 2012. Supported with the strong arms and engineering minds of my family, we revitalized the Production Line back to Butterfields' Original Standards. We have high standards and we believe in good business ethics and we want to make great candy! The chief candy-maker and other longtime employees have come back home to Butterfields and brought with them the years of experience, skilled hands and craftsmanship that makes it possible for us to bring back that unique Butterfields taste, texture and superior quality that made Buds a long-time favorite with customers and candy retailers for so long. 

Joyce Farms
Winston Salem, NC
Alvin Joyce began selling chickens in 1962. With time, our knowledge of raising poultry grew. We found our passion laid with producing the absolute best tasting chicken. We found our customers appreciated something better, more flavorful than factory-farmed commodity chickens. We wanted to supply the top culinary markets with the taste, texture and culinary advantages of superior birds. 
But we didn’t stop there. The more we learned about culinary matters, the more we travelled the world. We realized that Americans were missing out on a rich array of culinary class poultry. So we began to focus on Old World breeds, reviving traditional raising methods and producing specialty poultry and game of the highest quality and flavor. Our portfolio grew to impress even the most discerning chefs. Now after 50 years, we’re fully dedicated to raising the very best all-natural meats for the top chefs, artisanal butchers, and educated consumers across the U.S. 

BIG Bundts & More
Chapel Hill, NC

BIG Bundts & More is the culinary vision of Kristen Benkendorfer. A lifelong baker, Kristen blends her love of graphic design and sweet confections.

Chapel Hill, NC

Cackalacky is quite possibly the most famous independent condiment company in America that you've never heard of. Years ago, this comapny was founded in Chapel Hill with the desire to create a "different" condiment and flavor, one that was full of zest yet free of of harmful chemicals, and, most importantly, something that would make food taste great! Their creation (of the same name) is made from more than twenty ingredients that are not only pronounceable but include local favorites like southern-grown sweet potatoes! See more information at

Coon Rock Farm
Hillsborough, NC

Coon Rock Farm is a sustainable family farm providing organically grown garden crops and pasture raised antibiotic and hormone free chicken, eggs, pigs, lamb and goat on 55 acres nestled along a bend in the Eno River just outside of Hillsborough, NC. They concentrate on sustainably and bio-dynamically taking care of the land while letting the land take care of them. Their vegetables are mostly heirloom varieties and raised without chemicals of any kind. Their animals are pastured raised and grass fed and never given antibiotics or hormones. Visit them online at

Eastern Carolina Organics
North Carolina Farms

Eastern Carolina Organics (ECO) markets and distributes Carolina organic farm produce. They firmly believe that a sustainable food system is based on providing fresh local fruit, vegetables, and herbs while protecting the environment. They are farmer-owned and they act like it. They provide fresh organic veggies and fruits, along with the knowledge that they're enabling farmers to protect their family land. By pooling diverse harvests from several regions, they are able to meet the demand for a steady stream of high-quality, seasonal food choices throughout the year. Visit them online at

Bee Blessed Honey
Tarboro, NC

Bee Blessed Pure Honey is a small family run operation that produces pure, raw, and unfiltered honey in North Carolina. Berry is responsible for the day to day operations and handling of the bees and his Grandson is the muscle of the operation. Between the both of them you have the Bee Blessed Pure Honey (Bee Wranglers). His Wife Annie is the owner and Production Manager. Annie wears many hats during the daily operations. She is responsible for the bottling, packaging and sales presentation of our pure, raw and unfiltered honey

Slim On Soup
Chapel Hill, NC

Cara Demu, a registered dietitian with a masters degree in public health nutrition created Slim On Soup. Her background includes extensive knowledge of Traditional Chinese and Ayurvedic nutrition as well as expertise in functional medicine and nutrition supplementation. She had worked with some very enlightened and knowledgeable practitioners in places such as Canyon Ranch in Lenox, MA, Duke Diet & Fitness in Durham, NC and UNC Hospital in Chapel Hill, NC which helped to shape her nutriton view point of "food as medicine". Slim On Soup was created as a way to make better nutrition easy. The hope is that these soups will become a useful, convenient and customizable staple in your wellness "toolbox".

Chapel Hill Creamery
Chapel Hill, NC

Chapel Hill Creameryis a small dairy farm and farmstead cheesemaking facility. We chose Jersey cows for their rich milk, which makes great cheese. Our cows spend their time on pasture, and we've established an intensive rotational grazing system to ensure that they'll have access to high quality grass during their milking season. We milk and make cheese from March through December, when our pasture, and therefore our milk, are best.

Hillsborough Cheese Company
Hillsborough, NC

Hidden in the heart of historically dairy-rich Orange County, NC (on a previous tobacco farm where Cindy West grew up) our small, boutique creamery focuses on the art of cheese-making. Our French-trained chef & cheese-maker, Cindy, handcrafts small batches of many varieties of quality fresh & aged cheeses using goat’s and cow’s milk. Focusing mostly on traditional European-style cheeses, Cindy and our staff also experiment with and create some of their own unique cheese blends tailored to our local community’s tastes. We believe in simple, no-nonsense cheese that is delicious and accessible.

Ninth Street Bakery
Durham, NC

Ninth Street Bakery's mission is to provide organic, healthy products to the local community. In 1981 Ninth Street Bakery opened its doors at the original 9th Street location. The family run business was built from simple ideas: buy locally and produce wholesome, organic baked goods.

Big Spoon Roasters
Durham, NC

Big Spoon Roasters makes handcrafted nut butters from scratch in Durham, North Carolina. Carefully selected nuts and wildflower honeys are sourced from local and like-minded farmers who share their dedication to authentic quality. Each small batch is roasted, ground, and packaged while still warm to produce nut butters that are uniquely fresh, delicious, and nutritious.

Counter Culture Coffee
Durham, NC

Counter Culture Coffee is a different kind of coffee company. Dedicated to finding and bringing to market the most exciting, authentic, and delicious coffees in the world, we approach our work with a passion for the ideal of coffee perfection, a dedication to real sustainability, and a commitment to cutting-edge education throughout the coffee chain.

Huntington Kitchen
Raleigh, NC

Huntington Kitchen delivers classically inspired baked goods with an innovative twist to the people of North Carolina. We specialize in nut butters and gourmet spreads, granola, pastries, and desserts. All of our baked goods are scratchmade using the freshest all-natural, locally-sourced ingredients available.

Melina's Fresh Pasta
Durham, NC

Melina's Fresh Pasta prepares fresh pasta, ravioli, sauces and baked pasta meals for sale at Farmer's Markets in the Triangle or by special order. Our recipes are based on authentic Italian methods and traditions - using the freshest ingredients prepared simply.

The Bagel Bar
Chapel Hill, NC
The Bagel Bar is proud to serve authentic New York style bagels here in the Triangle. Using our scratch made dough, we boil and bake fresh bagels every morning, seven days a week.

Homeland Creamery
Julian, NC
Homeland Creamery, LLC is located in southeast Guilford County, NC.We supply the local area with dairy products of the highest quality, freshness, good taste, and free from added hormones and antibiotics.

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