Frequently Asked Questions 

How It Works

How do I customize my box each week?

If you want to customize your box, you will visit our online market website for subscribers. When you customize your box, you may pick and choose from a variety of local produce, fresh baked bread, meat, cheese, specialty foods, and prepared meals.

How do I get access to the online market website so I can customize my box?

First, subscribe online. After you subscribe, we will send you a link to our online market where you will be able to customize your box for your next delivery.

Can I just get a box when I order one and not have to subscribe to a weekly box?

Yes.  You can subscribe to getting a weekly Recommended Box or you can subscribe ot only getting a box when you custom order one from the online orders site.  When you, subscribe online, choose the subscription type of "Custom Orders Only".  You will still receive our weekly email reminding you to place your order, but you will never receive the Recommened Box if you do not order.


Can we stop deliveries temporarily if we are going to be out of town?

Yes. You may put your order on hold via the hold form on our website.

Can I schedule a delivery for every other week?

Yes. You may put your order on hold any week you do not need a box. Simply fill out the hold form on our website.

I live outside your delivery area. Would you consider expanding your delivery route to my area?

We would love to be able to deliver to you. Please contact us and we will see what we can do.

Can I pickup my box for a discounted rate?

Yes. We have several public pickup locations at Brandy Wine Cellars in Durham, SIP, A Wine Store in Cary, Duke Gardens in Durham and Iron Hen Cafe in Greensboro. All boxes picked up at these locations will receive our co-op delivery fee of only $0.99 (versus home delivery for $3.99). You can also form your own co-op with as few as 10 participating subscribers. form a co-op

I work within your delivery area. Can I have a box delivered before 5pm?

Yes. When you subscribe online, please tell us in the "special delivery instructions" box that your delivery address is a business location and that you need your box delivered before 5pm.

Our Services

Are the payment fees per box or per month/week?

The prices listed on our website are per box delivered.

Do you accept cash or check?

We do not accept cash or check. We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover credit cards.

Can I stop this service at any time?

Yes. You may cancel at any time by emailing us.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

I received an item in my box today that had gone bad. Can I get a refund?

Yes. If you receive something in your box that has gone bad, we will give you free credits on your next order.

I received an item in my box that I didn't like. Can I get a refund?

Yes. 100% satisfaction guaranteed. If you don't like it, we'll give you free credits on your next order.

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